Creating a Peace of Mind, One Life at a Time

“For too long, we have watched our clients and families suffer from not having dependable quality help to provide their care. Our company was born from a desire to help each individual and their families that we have served over the years. It is our goal to ensure their environment is as safe, comfortable, and fulfilling as possible.”

Beyond Homecare Health Services is a home health agency.
Our focus is to work preventively and provide proactive services.
Our variety of services and assessments are designed to help individuals live safely in their homes as long as possible.

Our staff consists of licensed medical professionals with extensive experience working with the senior community, and the community of developmental and physical disabilities.

Beyond Homecare Health Services was founded in 2017 by Jessica Thomas LPN; a Licensed Practical Nurse with over 15 years of experience working with seniors and individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. She is licensed by the OH Board of Nursing.

Our Mission

Our mission at Beyond Homecare is to provide high-quality care with a hometown feel. We are dedicated to accomplishing our patient’s medical goals with our professional and experienced staff. We provide an unsurpassed level of care with an emphasis on employee education and proactive patient care.